Customer Return and Refund policy

This Returns and Refund Policy will govern the request to return any of the products (“Product”) purchased by the buyer (referred to as “Buyer”, “you”, “your”, “yours”, etc.) from any third-party seller (“Seller”) using the Platform. For the purposes of this Policy, the terms' Buyer and Seller are collectively referred to as “User” and or Tradesala E-Commerce Private Limited (referred to as "Tradesala" or "Website" or "Intermediary" or "Our" or "Platform" or "We").

  1. You understand and accept that we are an intermediary marketplace platform and will only be responsible to mediate the return request raised by you with the Seller. It shall be the sole and governing responsibility of the Seller to resolve the issues/concerns raised by the buyer with the return request. Tradesala will not in any way assume any liability for any failure on the part of the Seller to resolve your issue.
  2. You may raise a return request or any concerns on the Tradesala platform with respect to any one of the following reasons:
    1. Product with physical damage (if such damage is not in transit) or defective Product;
    2. Warranty issues with respect to the Product;
    3. Wrong Product or Product not matching the description or specifications mentioned on the listing page on the Platform;
    4. Part of the order/ items are found to be missing (which is not due to logistics reasons); or
    5. Issues related to the quality of the Product delivered.
  3. Return request issues raised by Buyer for any of the following reasons (for Seller’s own shipment):
    1. Missing Product or some items from the entire order placed found to be missing due to reasons attributable to logistics provider;
    2. Damage to the outer box delivered or Product damaged in transit; or
    3. Any other logistics-related issues;
    4. Will not be governed by this Policy and it will be the responsibility of your logistics partner to settle any of the above-mentioned concerns raised by you. You may contact your logistics service provider directly for addressing the above issues. It is hereby cleared and clarified that we shall not assume any responsibility for the non-redressal of your issues by such logistics partner.
  4. Returns will be processed only if:
    1. It is determined that the product was not damaged while in your possession.
    2. product is not different from what was shipped to you.
    3. product is returned in original condition (with brand’s/manufacturer's box, MRP tag intact, user manual, warranty card and all the accessories therein).
  5. Return are not eligible for returns/exchange if:
    1. It is “No longer needed or useful”.
    2. Buyer tried to handle the industrial product and is unable to use it which promotes or lead to any tear/damage of the product.
    3. Any made to order product (on demand) will not be returned.
  6. In-case if you wish to return an electronic device that stores any personal information, do ensure that you have removed all such personal information from the device prior to returning it. Tradesala will not be liable in any manner for any misuse or usage of such information.
  7. Products may not be eligible for return in some cases, including cases of buyer's remorse such as incorrect model or colour of product ordered or incorrect product ordered.
  8. In case if any product is marked as "non-returnable" on the product detail page then the product cannot be returned.
  9. Any replacement of products will be not be eligible, it is advisable to place a new order after refund.
  10. You can raise a return request for any of the issues as set forth under the point above within a seven (7) days’ time period from the product delivered date.
  11. At the time of raising the return request, Buyer will be required to provide appropriate documents/ information at the time of submission of the claim. following documents / proof may include without limitation:
    1. images of the Product(s) indicating the issue in the Product/ shipment delivered. The images need to capture the following:
      1. the shipping label (AWB/EWB) with Order ID;
      2. Order details;
      3. packed shipment;
      4. issue in the Product;
      5. Product damages if any;
      6. the IMEI number (in case the Product is a mobile phone/Tablet);
      7. UPC code of the product
    2. unboxing / normal video clip indicating the issues in the Product/ shipment delivered. The video clip needs to capture all sides of the package, order details, shipping label, quantity of the Product, damages in the Product, IMEI number (in case of mobile phones/Tablet),UPC code of the product, any tampering with the outer box etc.;
    3. Bill copy / tax invoice for the product received
    If we require any further information or clarification from the Buyer we will contact you.
  12. Based on internal scrutiny and verification of the claim / return request, we may either accept or reject the claim/ return request. In case we accept the claim raised by the Buyer, we will arrange for the pick-up of the Shipment (if required) that has been delivered. It shall be the responsibility of the Buyer to pack the Product to be returned in a manner such that the packed shipment can withstand the handling and transportation process.
  13. If the return request of the Buyer has been rejected due to the following reasons that: (a) Buyer does not respond to the inquiry calls and/or calls made by us to procure missing documentation and information; or (b) supportive documents are insufficient, or Buyer is unable to provide sufficient proof in support of the claim, Buyer may raise a new return request within three (3) days from the date of such rejection.

The seller shall decide the minimum quantity of order to qualify as “Bulk Order”. The minimum qualification of “Bulk Order” shall vary from one from product to another. Any orders made in bulk order are not eligible for returns.

  1. Your return request will either be approved or rejected and the same will be communicated to you.
  2. When the delivery option is selected as the sellers’ own shipment and If your return request is approved, it shall be the sellers’ responsibility to collect the product from you, and in no way Tradesala will undertake any part in this return transaction..
  3. In case if the seller’s own logistics has not picked up the order within fifteen (15) business days then the seller will be intimated with the same and buyer refund will be initiated only upon a proper probe.
  4. When the delivery option is selected as any other except sellers’ own shipment then in all cases of approved returns, a refund will be initiated to you.
  5. On the above para (15) & (17), if all applicable refund time policy will follow the same number of days.
  6. In exceptional cases such as deficiency in service, fraud, or any other circumstance which may affect the user experience on the platform, we may on good faith basis and in our sole discretion decide to pay either full or partial transaction amount for the disputed Product in the absence of Seller approval of such returns. The said payment of the transaction amount shall be made to compensate for the inappropriate user experience.
  7. In such exceptional cases covered in para (19) above, payment will be initiated to you by 5 to 7 banking business days:
    1. from the date of approval of the return request by us; or
    2. from the date you confirm the dispatch of the Product from your designated pick-up location.
  8. With the receipt and acknowledgment of the shipment from the Buyer, the Seller can raise a dispute with respect to the shipment within two days from receipt of the same, on failing which it shall be considered/deemed as accepted by the Seller with or without any damage or fault.
  9. At the time of raising a dispute, the Seller will be required to provide documents/ proof in support of the claim, which includes without limitation, images of the returned product(s) indicating the issue in the shipment received. The images need to clearly capture the following:
    1. the Return ID;
    2. AWB/EWB number of the shipment;
    3. issue observed by Seller in the returned product;
    4. damages to the returned product;
    5. brand name/ manufacturer’s name of the returned product; and/or
    6. the Product unique number.
  10. The Seller’s claim/ dispute will either be approved or rejected and the same will be communicated to the Seller.
  11. Any capitalized terms used herein this Policy and not defined explicitly shall have the same meaning as defined in the Terms of Use.
  12. We reserve the right to change this policy from time to time with/without notice. User agrees and is bound to any changes or modifications made to this Policy as may be updated on the Platform. Your continued use of and it’s sub domains after any modifications will constitute to the acknowledgment and agreement of the modified Return and Refund Policy.

you are advised to review this customer return and refund policy periodically for any changes. Any changes to this customer return and refund policy are binding and effective when they are posted on this page.